Administration & Human Resources Mangement

About the Division

The Division of Administration & Human Resources Management is comprised of four Offices; the Human Resources Management Office, the Staff Development Office, the Teachers’ Standard and Licensing Office and the Public Relations Office. Under the supervision of an Associate Commissioner, the overall responsibilities of such Offices are to provide administrative and logistical support, training and development for employees, certifying and licensing teachers and circulating information to the public in relations to the Public School System (PSS).

Offices under the Division

Human Resources Management

The key responsibilities of the Human Resources Management Office includes, but are not limited to, recruitment, placements, and retaining of qualified employees, as well as other personnel related functions. These include coordinating annual staff evaluation and making recommendations for promotion or demotions based on results of evaluations.  Coordinating staff housing and staff benefits are important functions of the personnel office as well.

Staff Development

The key responsibilities of the Staff Development Office (SD) are to provide training and development for employees, including teachers for the purpose of maintaining a qualified workforce. The SD Office continues to place its employees in both on and off-island trainings through its in-service programs. The purpose is to upgrade teaching skills and comply with the Teacher Certification Regulations.

Public RElations


The Public Relations Office provides information to the public on current and relevant PSS activities through the government radio station, PSS website and the private media.


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