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School Year 2016-2017 concluded for many schools throughout the Marshall Islands. Congratulations to all 2017 graduates, all the students who have completed this year, parents for investing in your child’s future, and lastly to the teachers, school principals, and school faculty for a successful SY2016-2017.


Celebratory Highlights

Backpack donations

Laura Elementary School grade 7 and 8 students received backpacks. These backpacks were given from children in the United States who bought and paid for each backpack. Kommol tata.


LHS Chacha Slide

As part of Laura High School’s 12th commencement exercise, LHS graduates entertained their family, friends, and honorable guests with the famous ‘chacha slide’ dance.

Parents of the Year

Long Island Elementary School Kindergarten and Rita Elementary School recognized two outstanding individuals during their school’s honor/general assembly. Both parents received ‘Parent of the Year’ award at the respective schools.

50 years of service

During Marshall Islands High School graduation ceremony, The Public School System, Ministry of Education honored and recognized Mr. Earlie Watley for his dedication, exceptional, and outstanding performance at Marshall Islands High School from 1967 to present. About 12,000 young Marshallese men and women, many of whom are in today’s RMI public and private work force benefitted from his fifty years of service. Kommol tata Mr. Watley.


Students from both public and private school attended the Career Fair at Ebeye Gym. Office of Chief Secretary Ebeye Kwajalein Deputy Chief Secretary Abacca Anjain shares with PSS that this “Career Fair is huge turnout and a very successful one.” Previous career fairs tend to fall during Education Week and are mostly school-based. Although schools invite other schools to attend their school-based career fair, it was the first time all private and public schools were under one roof. Several booths that the students visited were Bank of Marshall Islands, College of the Marshall Islands, Kwajalein Atoll Utility Resources (KAJUR), Marshall Islands Postal Service Authority (MIPSA), Marshall Islands Resources and Marine Authority, Marshall Islands Social Security Administration, Ministry of Healthy, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Telecommunication Authority, National Training Council, and Youth to Youth in Health. Students inquired what careers and vocational trainings are available. The career fair captivated student interests towards their career goals which was one of the many important topics discussed at Kwajalein Atoll Education Summit.





The Office of Secondary and Career Education strives to ensure that children who have completed primary schooling and have reached the age of 14, who qualify for admission to high school, and who continue to meet the Public School System standards are enrolled in each of the six public high schools.  The six public high schools, Marshall Islands High School (MIHS), Laura High School (LHS), Jaluit High School (JHS), Northern Islands’ High School (NIHS), Kwajalein Atoll High School (KAHS) and the Life Skills Academy enroll children who completed eighth grade education from geographically-based feeder schools.

Instead of staying at home watching TV or surfing the web, these students spent their Spring Break playing several outdoor activities which was hosted by Youth to Youth in Health with the help of School Enrichment Program. What a great event which the students clearly enjoyed!

A huge kommol tata to the Youth to Youth in Health and School Enrichment Program for providing extracurricular acitivities for our students during their spring break.

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Marshall Islands High School:

On March 3rd, MIHS hosted their annual Practicum Orientation at MIR Poolside. 'Exploring future careers in life- the best way for life long survival" is the theme for this year's practicum. Associate Commissioner of Secondary and Career Education Junior Paul shares that he was also a part of the Practicum program and saw it was extremely beneficial. Along with providing work experience, the program supports student educational and career goals. After the opening ceremony, teachers speak with participants about the rules and regulations, expected student behavior, and goals for their students. Last week, 100 of the best students completed their first week of work at their job sites.

Laura High School:

Similar to Marshall Islands High School practicum students, the practicum students of Laura High School completed their first week of work last week. On March 9th, Laura High School hosted a recognition and pinning ceremony for thirty-two students. Their theme is “The Joy of Service Leads to Success.” During this practicum, eighteen students under the Health Academy will be at the Ministry of Health. The objective of the Practicum is to expose students to every department in the hospital and to observe how procedures are being done. The Practicum will guide them on what medical field are they going to pursue after finishing their nursing course. While fourteen of the students will be at Laura School. The Teacher Academy Practicum is designed to give students opportunity to work in the Elementary school classroom setting to complete the course requirement. The main goals for the Teacher Academy practicum is to provide opportunities to observe professional in education, work with teachers and students, and make career decisions, enable students to see practical educational experiences, offer variety of strategies, materials, and equipment for future uses, and to experience learning and teaching activities. The practicum enables students to develop knowledge of work places, create work experience, and demonstrates the importance of human relations.


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