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Jined Club's

Forum for Women & Girls 2017

PSS team led by acting Commissioner, Kanchi Hosia, displays presentation based on this year's theme for the forum "Jen Ṃōṇōṇō Kōn Jolet kein Ad". Team shared language policy, kajin & ṃanit, and other issues related to the theme. We thank Jined Club for the invitation and opportunity to share our knowledge with its members and the participants. 

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PSS Accreditation Specialists Mabel Andrew and Petry Rakin during the Accreditation Workshop


In the beginning of July, PSS principals and head teachers attended the 2nd annual accreditation workshop at USP’s in Long Island which was facilitated by PSS Accreditation Office. During the workshop participants received an accreditation overview, focused on the 6 standards, learned about Japan’s GGP, IOM’s Evaluation School Management, and Child Protection in Emergency, and much more. Towards the end of each day, Accreditation officers conducted an evaluation to hear the thoughts of principals and head teachers. Associate Commissioner of Budget and Finance, Sally Ann DeBrum emphasizes the importance of completing the requirements as it affects their school’s standing. Each principal and head teacher received summary of their school standing.

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