This year’s Education Week kick-started with students from public and private schools parading from Public School System to ICC. During the opening ceremony, Honorable President Dr. Hilda C. Heine expresses that this year’s motto speaks the truth: education is our right and our responsibility. She asks that students, parents, (local and national) government, leaders, and communities work together so that every child has quality education. By playing an active role in a child’s education, they see that education plays a vital role in their life. Throughout the week there were many various activities hosted by PSS. Below is the list of winners in the contest that took place.

Poster Contest

Congratulations and a big Kommol tata to the following schools for submitting their posters: DUD Kindergarten, Ejit Elementary School, Rita Elementary School, Uliga Elementary School, Delap Elementary School, Woja Elementary School, and Laura Elementary School

Essay Contest

1st place: Janet Enoch, WES

2nd place: Tolfina Fakatou, EES

3rd place: Wilmer Renie Joel, RES


Science Fair Winners

Kindergarten Level:

1st place: DUD Kindergarten

Elementary Level:

Science experiment:                                                   

1st place: MMS                                               

2nd place: EES and Abigail Zedkaia, Nina Mathew, Turilang Bollong, Dyann Hanchor, Remedious Triminio, Priscina Lang from RRES                 

3rd place: EES             

Science Model:

1st: LES

2nd: RES & LES

3rd: LES          

Secondary Level

Science experiment:                                                    Science Model:

1st: MIHS                                                                    1ST: LHS & MIHS

2nd: MIHS                                                                   2nd: LHS & MIHS

3RD: MIHS                                                                  3rd: LHS

Bilingual Spelling Bee Contest Winners

For grades 5-6:

1st place: Norlyn Lewis & Rosela Arkanja, LIES

2nd place: Florence Ceasar & Polani Ceasar, LES

For grades 7-8

1st place: Nalio Hawley & Marlin Doulatram, Majuro Co-op School

2nd place: Joeness Gana & Micah Augustin, Assumption School

High School Debate Winners

1st place: Julius Edward & Kina Jordan from MIHS

2nd place: Herma Oberton & Eugene Deguzman from LHS

Best debater: Atina Shula from Assumption

Math Manipulative Contest Winner:

Elementary Level:

1st place: Calinda Latdrik, DUD Kindergarten

2nd place: Kanneia K. Lussier, UES

3rd place: Anne Debrum, WES

            Castro Arji, RES

            Laseria Levaci, LES

Secondary Level:

1st place: Neirose Batin, LHS

2nd place: Smitty McGowan, MIHS

3rd place: Babatunde, LHS

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s education week. A job well done, bravo!


For more pictures of Education week, please check our Facebook page.


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