Welcome to the new Public School System (PSS) website. I am confident that you will find our PSS website very useful and that it will help answer any questions that you might have regarding our school system. With the establishment of the Marshall Islands Public School System Act of 2013, the new National Board of Education was introduced to the public as a necessity governing body in November of 2014. As duly formed, the Board oversees the operation of the Public School System, which consists of the K-12 schools in the RMI. The Board wishes to inform all its constituents that it is obligated to conduct and exercise its powers, functions, duties and responsibilities as provided for under the Act. As the Chairman of the National Board of Education (NBoE), it is understandably my utmost duty and responsibility to assist in any way possible to making sure that our policies will reflect the academic and personal needs of our elementary, middle, and secondary schools students. With everyone’s input and continued academic and personal support; I have no doubt in my mind that we can continue to provide the best possible education for our current and future generations of students. Once again, I welcome everyone to use this website as a tool to seek and retrieve whatever information that you might otherwise need to assist you with your children’s education. ENJOY!
Kommol Tata!
Terry Hazzard, M.Ed.
Chairman, National Board of Education
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