Iokwe aolep! I am pleased to welcome viewers to the Public School System (PSS) website. We hope you find the website informative and useful for you purposes.

The PSS is an autonomous agency of the Ministry of Education and serves K-12 students under the leadership of the National Board of Education with administrative oversight provided by the Commissioner of Education. In 2014-15 School Year, the PSS Served 12,865 students in 81 public primary schools and 6 public secondary schools and 1,124 teachers, principals and support staff.

The PSS website was launched recently with a view to share what and how we do what we are mandated to do for our children. In that regards, the website provides individual school profiles, governance, fiscal, personnel and policy information as well as current events including vacancy announcements, school events and school competitions, as they are available from time to time.

We welcome everyone, especially parents, to engage with us consistently and systematically in the business of education. Understanding what we do and how we do it is a beginning. The website provides a glimpse of how the PSS works. Please take time to review and provide feedback as needed in order for the staff to make the website more friendly and informative for all.


Ilo Kautej,



Hilda C. Heine, Ed.D.

Minister of Education 

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