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 PSS Documents


Annual Reports

Annual Report MOE 2011-2012

Annual Report MOE 2012-2013

RMI Education For All National Review

Education Digest

Education Digest 2014

Education Digest 2016

Education Digest 2017







Social Studies

Principal & Head Teacher Resource Library

Resource Center

Public School System Plans

PSS Strategic Plan 2013-2015

RMI PSS Technology Plan


Public School System Policies

Child Protection Policy

Individuals With Disabilities Education Act

Language Education Policy

Rules & Regulations

School Accreditation System, Policy & Procedures

Public School System Public Laws

P.L. 2013-23 Marshall Islands Public School System Act, 2013

School Calendar

School Calendar 2014-15

School Calendar 2015-16

School Calendar 2016-17

School Calendar 2017-18


School Year Enrollment

School Year 2014-15

School Year 2015-16

School Year 2016-17


Special Education Program

Annual Performance Report FFY2014

Exhibit A (English): Procedural Safeguards Notice for the RMI

Exhibit A (Marshallese): Procedural Safeguards Notice for the RMI

Exhibit B: RMI Integrated and Continuous Improvement Focused Monitoring Procedures

Exhibit C: Guidelines for Including Students with Disabilities in the RMI Standards Achievement Test (MISAT) and                 Criteria for Participating in an Alternative Assessment based on Alternative Achievement Standards                       (AA-AAS)

Exhibit D: Instructional Materials Accessibility (NIMAS) Procedures

Form A: Notification Requirements

Policies & Procedures 

IDEA Part B application 2016

Signed Policies & Procedures

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