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On January 9th, Delap Elementary School (DES) students, staffs, parents, along with some local and national government official gathered at the refined basketball court on the campus to witness the christening ceremony of the "Multi-Purpose Basketball Court" and the two new boats.  The two new fiberglass boats are for the community use, donated by the Majuro Atoll Local Government with the help from the Government of ROC Taiwan.

According to the Majuro Mayor, the project meant to accommodate the need of improving the physical education in DES in order to maintain its accreditation eligibility with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

During the ceremony, Ms. Hannah Lafita, the Associate Commissioner for the Primary and School Instruction, addressed a warm appreciation on behalf of the Public School System to the representatives of Republic of China (Taiwan) for funding the repair project and Majuro Atoll Local Government for making sure the project is completed.

Iokwe Aolep!


Teaching in Freedom, Empower Teachers -"Anemkwoj in Katakin, Kile Rikaki ro."


“Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” is the theme of this year's World Teachers' Day, celebrated around the world since 1994. The empowerment of teachers emerged as a priority when the United Nations adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal for Education" (SDG4).


I wrote this message on behalf of Acting Commissioner Gee Leong Bing. 

"Teacher Appreciation Day, or National Teacher Appreciation Day, is a day of celebration in recognition of teachers and the contributions they've made toward education and the society. This will be celebrated next week on Monday, October 9th which provides an opportunity for students, their parents, and school principals to show their appreciation for the hard work teachers have done and the long hours they have worked tirelessly. I am sure teachers will receive thank you notes of gratitude from their students during this day, and even your school will organize events and celebrations to mark the occasion."


"To be on the same canoe with you, this is a formal reminder for all school principals, admin support staff, students and parents to celebrate and enjoy this very important day with our teachers. I trust that the schools will do their utmost best to conduct school-base activities for our teachers."


"On behalf of the Honorable Minister Wilbur Heine, Acting Board Chairman, Bernard Adinwin and the members, AC Kanchi Hosia along with PSS Key Staff, we wish you a very blessed and a big jeramman day to our teachers who always JUNMETO-IK our way to a bright future for RMI students."  

Once again Jeramman nan aolep rikaki and Happy Teacher's Day.

Kommool tata,


Junior Paul

AC Secondary and Career Education

Public School Systems




Laura High School's “Candle Lighting and Pinning Ceremony” on Wednesday, February 7, pinned 23 seniors from the Health Academy 2 (HA2) and 11 more from the Teacher Academy 2 (TA2) to confirm their hands-on practicum learning at the Ministry of Health and Education.






The chief nurse, Mrs. Joni Nashion, congratulated all the HA2 students as well as instructed them that they will be working closely with the practicums from the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI), the small group that visited to witness the occurrence. TA2 practicums will focus on their hands-on learning in teaching, aiming to serve primary classrooms.  They will be shadowing the teachers in their classrooms learning the teaching methods each school has to offer.







LHS principal, Mr. Jimmy Kemem, stated that this is a good opportunity designed to let the senior students explore their interests of learning and let them personally experience the reality of their first career choices before they move into their college-level pursuits. The theme for this year’s pinning ceremony is, “With brave wings we fly, we dream, and prepare for a better tomorrow.”  The ceremony started at 2 pm and ended around 4 pm. 

Here is the list of the HA2 and TA2 students below.

Health Academy 2 particums:

Rhema Aiseia, Erickson Allen, Kamikazee Balos, Padee Barron, Bianca Bukajela, Justin Briand, Harold Elbon, Jusilla Fredy, Jason Heran, Maureen Helkena, Joro Helias, Donald Jibbwa, Joy Joran, Cartina Joream, Kios Kaminaga, Tamara Kaneko, Natasha Konouy, Kicky Laibwij, Edwina Langmos, Yolalyn Loren, Terry Mark, Roseko Sawej, and Sharon Wonne.

Teacher Academy 2 particums:

Herontha Anjain, Kesia David, Ram Jetton, Joyous Joran, Belle Jorbelle, Johnsay Ketwan, Jercy Komanta, Garles Lang, Boti Launit, Matson Manutil, and Melen Morris.




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