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Iokwe Aolep!


Teaching in Freedom, Empower Teachers -"Anemkwoj in Katakin, Kile Rikaki ro."


“Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” is the theme of this year's World Teachers' Day, celebrated around the world since 1994. The empowerment of teachers emerged as a priority when the United Nations adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal for Education" (SDG4).


I wrote this message on behalf of Acting Commissioner Gee Leong Bing. 

"Teacher Appreciation Day, or National Teacher Appreciation Day, is a day of celebration in recognition of teachers and the contributions they've made toward education and the society. This will be celebrated next week on Monday, October 9th which provides an opportunity for students, their parents, and school principals to show their appreciation for the hard work teachers have done and the long hours they have worked tirelessly. I am sure teachers will receive thank you notes of gratitude from their students during this day, and even your school will organize events and celebrations to mark the occasion."


"To be on the same canoe with you, this is a formal reminder for all school principals, admin support staff, students and parents to celebrate and enjoy this very important day with our teachers. I trust that the schools will do their utmost best to conduct school-base activities for our teachers."


"On behalf of the Honorable Minister Wilbur Heine, Acting Board Chairman, Bernard Adinwin and the members, AC Kanchi Hosia along with PSS Key Staff, we wish you a very blessed and a big jeramman day to our teachers who always JUNMETO-IK our way to a bright future for RMI students."  

Once again Jeramman nan aolep rikaki and Happy Teacher's Day.

Kommool tata,


Junior Paul

AC Secondary and Career Education

Public School Systems





Jined Club's

Forum for Women & Girls 2017

PSS team led by acting Commissioner, Kanchi Hosia, displays presentation based on this year's theme for the forum "Jen Ṃōṇōṇō Kōn Jolet kein Ad". Team shared language policy, kajin & ṃanit, and other issues related to the theme. We thank Jined Club for the invitation and opportunity to share our knowledge with its members and the participants. 

PSS School census is due this week on the 28th of September. All primary and secondary schools both public and non-public are requried to fill and submit their census to the data office or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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