Under the revised PSS Organizational Structure, the Division of Budget and Finance now comprised of three (3) sub-units i.e. Budget Compliance, Accounting Services, and Procurement and Supply.


The primary function of the division is to establish and maintain procedures and adequate internal controls of accounts and records for the proper administration of the Education Fund established under P.L 2013-23 to ensure full compliance with the Financial Management Act, Procurement, and the Fiscal Procedures Agreement.  


The Budget Compliance sub-division spearheads the general effort in the development of the annual budget, establishes budget procedures internal control, and maintains the leading role in controlling day to day spending by means of the budget certification process, reporting performances through the concept of performance-based budgeting, and provide general budgetary support and services to schools and programs within the system.


The Financial Services sub-division maintains the effort in establishing procedures and financial internal controls to properly administer the accounting and recording of the Education Fund, including monitoring and tracking of expenditures, reprogramming, financial reporting, and timely auditing.     


The Procurement and Supply sub-component is established primarily to track and monitor purchase requests, including distribution of supplies, inventory, record and safe keeping of assets. 


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